My De-Conversion

I'm a former fundamentalist Christian who has now "seen the light". My journey from religion began in the late 80's when I stopped going to church for several reasons. I just wasn't getting anything out of it anymore and it made me feel guilty for silly things that I had done, or thought about, which was senseless and certainly not enjoyable.

Twenty years later I discovered a podcast by Zachery Moore called "Evolution 101". Previous to that I had my doubts about human evolution. Now mind you I had never really looked at what real science was saying about it. This podcast opened my eyes to the evidence. He also had another podcast called "Apologia" which was basically debunking religion and having rational discussions about it.

Shortly after that I started listening to a podcast called "Skeptoid" regarding critical thinking. Once I began looking at my own religious beliefs with a skeptical eye, it wasn't long before I threw off the blinders and began seeing the world around me in a new light.

Free from the shackles of nonsense and fairy tales I was a little angry about the fact I had been snookered all these years by religion.

I now feel like I need to help others remove their blinders that are preventing them from seeing the evidence that counters their core beliefs. I know realistically only those on the fence might be swayed by evidence. But I figure planting seeds may help.

My conversion took a few months of debating myself and giving god one last-ditch effort by listening to an apologist for Christianity, William Lane Craig. It didn't work. So, as of about March 2009, I became a non-believer.

Now, in late 2010, I'm wearing shirts that cause people to ask questions, giving me an opportunity to share my change in beliefs. I have a website and a YouTube channel in hopes that I can support the many other websites that do a far better job at pointing out the ridiculousness of religion than I. It's my small way of trying to make the world a more rational place to live.